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Blair named athletic director of the year

On March 15 NECC Athletic Director Dan Blair was named National Association of Collegiate Athetic Director of the year.

They only give that award to one person of each division of each athletic department.

This school year the women’s volleyball and the men’s basketball team went to the region 21, but finals eventually they lost.

“It is a nice honor to received honestly I think it’s an award for the whole college with the administration support, student, coaches, faculty and staff, none of it would’ve been all possible so the college provides everything the students and coaches I’m just guiding the ship,” Blair said.

He never thought off winning this award.

“I’m pleased to be recognized with the other winners across all seven divisions and to be recognized with some of the folks of Division 1 at NCAA 4 year level. It is great and you know I  look forward whenever the award presentation is out in June I’m looking forward to go to the convention again its going to be my first time since 2019 in person, when we had it in person so just to see people again to it is exciting,” he said.

One of his first people he told when he won the award was his wife “I think the president’s office found out before I did, the first award. I think first person  that I told was my wife and I’ll tell her other people… she told some people and then some other athletic director in the league they got the public announcement the same time I did they reach out to me as well…” he said.

I asked Dan Blair if he is comfortable where he is at right know in the Athletics Department.

“ I don’t think I am speaking to myself, I think I am speaking small college athletic director all around New England and all around the country honestly we need more female student athletes,” he said.

“We’re always trying new things to get them, we’re heading in the right direction but it can always be better. I wish I can get every women athletic program in the college to be successful and competitive as our volleyball program for women that’s kinda the bench mark for all the women’s program here were making stuff in the right direction…” Blair said.