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Knights begin the 2022 season 9-2 in Florida

NECC Knights Baseball team went to Florida during spring break.

Theythey played 11 games and went 9-2 including going undefeated the first five games.

This was their best start since the 2015 season.

Coach Jeff Mejia told his players “We worked really hard when it’s game day when we’re playing games relaxed and let yourself play you’re best don’t get too high don’t get too low battle no matter the situation cause you always going to face adversity during baseball season, it’s a long marathon…” he said.

During the trip Coach Mejia told me that Matos Richard de la Cruz of Boston  and  Logan Burilli of Amesbury  got hurt.

“Both of them we lost due to injury during Florida looks like Richard is going to be back in another week which it is great and it’s a good possibility we pick Logan back up before playoff run it is always hard when you lose a player we have another player that he is hurt because he is sick…” Mejia said.

de la Cruz has an injured wrist, Mejia said.

Logan’s injury was diagnosed with a clean break of forearm that they casted in his due to take the cast off the first week of April which it will give him a month to rehab before the playoff,” he said.

Lucas Berube during the trip in Florida he was hitting 2 of his last 23.

Coach Mejia and his coaching staff are not worried in his recent struggles because they feel confidence he will turned around. “… He probably had seven line drive right at guys in the first few games of the season so that happens Lucas got he deals with failure very well and he understand baseball what his done defensively behind the plate makes it valuable as any player we have in the team and his hitting it’s going to come I am not to concern about it,” Mejia said.

He also said “We played solid defensive our pitching was really good and you always can get better you never get perfect in baseball…”

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