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Students speak out about war in Ukraine

The on-going conflict between Ukraine and Russia has been well-documented by several high-profile media outlets. Many Americans feel compelled to share their disapproval of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stand in solidarity with Ukraine from afar.

Local college students share their perspective on the war and elaborate on their understanding of the conflict occurring abroad.

Nicole Smith Discusses her feelings and understanding of what’s happening overseas.

“It’s awful. I don’t watch the media often. I get bits and pieces and what I hear from it is upsetting. I do know that innocent people are suffering.”

Smith goes on to explain that she’d need more information before determining the best course of action in terms of finding a solution to this conflict.

“The situation is extremely complex. I would have to research further and contemplate possible solutions and outcomes.”

Another local student, studying Biotechnology, Sarita Sanchez, shares a similar sentiment to Smith in regard to understanding the gravity of the war in Ukraine.

“I don’t think there is a thorough understanding- one it’s dangerous to be in Russia and Ukraine for reporters to fully describe what is happening and two I think it’s hard to wrap our minds around why anyone would entice violence like this on innocent people.”

Despite Sanchez’s mention of the barriers and challenges reporters abroad may face when getting news to United States citizens, she shares some possible tactics to resolve this conflict.

“Overall, some solutions might involve: eliminating nuclear weapons, preventing the practice that one leader can be in office for so many years and have the ability to make decisions that directly kill innocent people, regulate military activities, and full support of Ukraine from all countries regardless of political agendas.”

Craig Sullivan, a horticulture major, shares “what the Ukrainian people are suffering at the hands of Putin is unfathomable. I can’t imagine living with that fear and uncertainty.”

Sullivan also admits his lack of total understanding regarding the war “I feel I know only the information that’s been given to us through media outlets. I don’t have any first-hand or inside knowledge, but I know that it has been a long-standing conflict between the two countries.”

The general consensus amongst the three college students is that despite there being a lack of understanding of the politics behind the war in Ukraine, what is occurring is deplorable and the people of Ukraine are suffering immensely.