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Searching for a job can take longer than expected. Did you know the average time from application to accepting a full-time job in 2022 is three to six months? Preparing for your search, applying and interviewing, researching companies, and successfully landing a position requires patience and diligence.

Here are Career Services’ top 5 tips for job searching:

1. Login to Handshake.
• Handshake is NECC’s job board and much more! Attend free employer-hosted events, search for internships and jobs, and check out NECC’s Career Center Resource area for templates.
• To get on to Handshake, login to your MyNECC Portal and scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Click the Handshake login on the left-hand side.
2. Prepare!
• Creating a resume and cover letter is a great first step in your job search. It’s best to proofread your application materials, making sure they are free of spelling and punctuation mistakes. Then ask yourself, are your application materials telling your story? Do they contain relevant information that shows you are the best candidate for the job? Are they clear, concise, and easy to read?
• Pro tip: Reach out to three qualified people to give you feedback. Career Services can be one of them! It’s good to have a small group of people provide suggested edits before you apply.
3. Keep Track of Your Applications.
• Save the job description as a Word file or PDF. You may find the job posting has been taken offline when you go to interview, and you will be thankful to Tracking your applications in a journal or separate Excel document is a great idea.
• Another helpful tool is to create a spreadsheet to track your applications. List the company name, the job title, and the date you applied in a document. You may find yourself creating multiple accounts and applying to different companies. This spreadsheet is a good place to keep your account info, reminders, and notes about the role and company.
4. Networking and Events.
• Sometimes the best job for you is one not listed on a website. Attending events – virtual or in-person – and meeting people in the roles or company you want to work for is an excellent way to discover these unlisted opportunities. Take initiative today! Create a LinkedIn account and start connecting with friends, family, NECC alumni, and more.
5. Beware of scams.
• If the job listing seems too good to be true, it likely is. Here are five common signs of a scam:
1. A job post that claims you will make a thousand dollars a week by working from home is a common example.
2. Jobs with poor grammar and multiple misspellings.
3. The email address isn’t right. The company name is misspelled or the email ends with Gmail or Yahoo.
4. There’s an upfront cost. You’re asked for pay for your own laptop and equipment with a promise of being reimbursed.
5. You’re asked to send a resume and there’s no specific job posting. Someone could be looking to get your contact information, such as your home address, phone number, or email.

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