Dance club perserveres

By Shaina Richards, Correspondent

Conflict arose for the dance club this semester when it was discovered that they would not be able to use the dance studio.  

The dance studio was going to be used for another class at the time the dance club had planned to meet.  

Zany Dwight, a freshmen in college who attends the dance club, said everyone was “pretty bummed.” 

Since the rooms at the college have always been open for use, the college decided to put a yoga class in the dance studio because they saw an open space in the schedule. 

The instructors found out only two weeks before the club was supposed to start meeting.  Since it had already been decided, they were forced to search for another room to meet in.  

Michelle Deane, the coordinator of the college’s dance program, said it was “Really difficult.”  

It was a disappointment that the students wouldn’t have access to the mirrors in the dance studio to help them better see how they can improve, as well as the larger space to dance in.  

But the group has made the best of the situation.

However, she also said “I was surprised how Tracy (the choreographer of the dance club) was able to make everything come together.”  

Tracy DiJulia is a NECC graduate who has been the dance instructor for the past four years.  

Dean described her coreography as “fun and flirty.”  

As someone who tended to take dance more seriously, Deane said Tracy brought a “new voice” to the program.

Deane said they tried to find the biggest classroom available, and work as a team to make the dance club happen despite the inconvenience.  

She added “I am confident that next semester we will have the dance studio back.” As of right now they are meeting in the science building in a classroom.  

They push the desks in the center of the room over to the side to make room to dance.  The projector in the classroom was used to show the video of the song that they were learning how to dance to. 

The dance club is open for everyone, and the philosophy of the club is that “Everyone can dance.”  

Dwight described the dance club as “really fun” and said it was “a challenge even though I’ve been dancing a long time,” which she said she liked about it.  

People with a lot of experience, or even little to none, are all welcome to attend the club.  

She said she feels like having a mixed group like that is actually beneficial in some ways, because everybody can help each other out.  Both girls and guys participate.

The two dance instructors took some time afterwards to help people who were struggling with the dance moves.  

They ran through the steps one by one until those who were struggling felt more confident, and then went through the dance with music.  

Some girls recorded the dance on their phones as a reference to use when practicing before the next meeting.  

With everyone helping to make the best of the situation, it looks like the dance club isn’t going to be phased much by the change of location.​

For more information about the NECC dance club contact Michelle Deane at (978)- 556-3957, or visit her at her office located at C314J in the C building. You can alos reach her by email at