The pandemic reaches all parts of life

As we arrive at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are becoming infected.

Unfortunately, my family and many others have been greatly affected by COVID-19. When I found out that the Northern Essex Campus was closed right before spring break began, I knew this situation could be bigger than any of us could have imagined. Life as we knew it came to a screeching halt.

This began for me personally, when I canceled my flight that I booked to the Midwest to visit my family. Later I also had a second vacation I was looking forward to canceled because of all domestic and international flights being closed. I realized that everything surrounding us was shutting down.

Soon after I canceled my vacations, my job closed due to the pandemic as well. I was told we were going to start working from home, but my employer has yet to reach out to me to give me my tasks or to even check on how I am doing during this tragedy.

Even though, everything was slowly shutting down around me I kept an optimistic outlook on this ongoing situation because our health should be our number one priority above anything else.

Unfortunately, my father who currently lives in Florida was diagnosed with COVID-19. Thankfully he is currently recovering from this virus after being in complete agony for the past two weeks. He explained that this virus was unlike anything he’s ever experienced, and he advises everyone to stay home and to continue protecting themselves from this horrible illness.

Even though I am going through a tough time, I am just grateful for my health and that I have personally not experienced any symptoms. Moving forward I hope everyone continues to follow the lockdown procedures and we soon overcome this nightmare.