Adjusting to our new normal

Recently with the extension of the Stay-At-Home order given by the governor of New Hampshire, it looks like they are trying to re-open the state slowly and effectively. The new order is now in effect until at least May 31st.

Personally, I think it was a good idea to extend the order considering Massachusetts did as well because if New Hampshire were to re-open while Mass stayed closed then a lot of those residents would come up here and spread it, even more, considering they are a top state with cases. As one of the states with fewer cases, I don’t see the rush they have to re-open it and boost cases drastically.

Sports are postponed for the time being. The NBA suspended operations about a month ago, along with the NHL, and the MLB delayed their opening day and have yet to set a new date for the beginning of the season.

The only sport that wants to try and start on time is the NFL but that won’t be until at least September. The NFL is trying hard to keep the season, but it is looking less and less likely with each passing week.

Recently Korean baseball has begun with huge restrictions. The only problem is if you want to watch it live you must be up around 2 am to watch it. Without sports, it has been a very boring quarantine but that is fine if this ends sooner rather than later if they pushed to bring them up. 

My work has changed as well. Working at a credit union, at first other workers were coming to our branch to work with their place closing. With rules from the state of groups of 10+ not allowed, our big group was then split into teams to work every other day so there was less contamination. Now with the new rules, we must wear masks 24/7 while at work and keep a distance away from our coworkers as much as possible. 

All the rules and regulations needed to be followed is a lot to handle with everything going on. Now I excessively wash my hands to a point where it seems like too much but with our current situation too much probably isn’t even enough.

As much as people dislike staying at home, if we can limit the spread of everything, we expect things to come back to a completely normal matter a lot sooner.