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Exploratory program helps students explore their options

From an early age, school is mandatory for everyone to improve their knowledge over time, first comes elementary school, then middle school, and finally high school.

This is a time period where kids become more educated and spend their time rejuvenating an dnot having as much pressure on their shoulders to make decisions.

After high school, comes college, and this is when teenagers have to start thinking about their future and what they want to do with their lives.

Most teenagers, once graduating high school, have no idea what they want to do with their life.

Some take gap years to think, some don’t even go to college, but for those who do, they may enter into the “exploratory program.”

The exploratory program is a program for undecided students in college.

Lorena Constant, an Academic Success and Career Coach at NECC, is familiar with discussing with students aboutthe importance of their future and helps students make decisions.

“Exploratory program is for students who are not sure what they want to do,” says Constant. “Through career exploration you will receive guidance on choosing a major or navigate differentcareers under one field.

“What we do is we provide career assessment tools – we provide surveys that take less than a minute to complete, and they are based on the questions you ask the career educationenvironment prior to the survey. Based on your results, we recommend you on what to major in. This process is for mostly just figuring out what classes you’re interested in.”

Students who are entering their first college year tend to struggle with classes and what they want to do for the future, and with this survey, it helps a lot of first year students at NECC to make an easier decision on what path to take.

“I am also an Academic Success Coach” continues Constant, “An Academic Coach helps students with anything with classes, as well as help brainstorm for assignments, get ready for courses, management, and help support for classes.”

Academic Coaches are one of the first people students at NECC get in contact throughout every registration, and with guidance from advisers like Constant, students don’t feel as much pressure with decision making and settle in much easier from a different environment than what they arenormally used to.

“We mostly reach out to students in exploratory because we know it can feel overwhelming,” said Constant. “We want to make sure you feel supported and make sure you have an idea on what you’re interested in.”