The academic centers in Northern Essex Community College have been coming up with different ways on how to keep the student body engaged with theschool virtually.

The Center for Liberal Arts particularly has hosted many zoom events for students to participate in if they chose to. Events the center hosts vary fromregistration workshops, cultural awareness conversations, career panels, historical events andmuch more.

The goal of the center is to provide professional and eventful resources for the students to be able to make the most out of their academic life right from the comfort of theirown home.

Although it has been difficult for the center to get most of the liberal arts students to participat eand join the events, they have been grateful for the students who do decide to join and utilize thecenter like they want them to.

The center sends out emails regarding their events to the students almost on a daily basis as well as promoting their events on social media and on the Center for Liberal Arts website. Many students have been able to view the advertisements the center has put out regarding theevents they host.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it subsequently difficult for the center and the students to be able to find a set schedule that works for everyone to be able to make it to the events since the students are now busier throughout their day.

Though, students like Isae Grullon, a Journalism and Communication Arts major in Northern Essex Community College suggested that the centers should create a calendar a few months in advance on the events they potentially are going to host so that the students can clear their schedules ahead and have time to participate in such events.

Grullon said that “there was some events that I wish I was able to participate in but unfortunately since I was busy with work it made it hard for me to make it to the events, you know? I know it’s hard to cater to everyone’s schedule but maybe if they were to somehow be able to make a calendar on the events they are going to host in advance then it might be easier for the students who are busy to plan around those events and attend them.”

Though there are a few obstacles students and staff have to overcome that interrupt them from fully attending the events, it is evident that the students believe that the events the center hosts are super helpful and beneficial when they are able to fully participate in them.

Another student, Phineas Sparrow, who is also a Journalism and Communication Arts major in Northern Essex Community College said that “the Center for Liberal Arts is a great place for students to be able to network and meet other students and professionals. Even though students may not be able to participate in every single event, I do think it’s important to at least try attending one.”

Many students like Sparrow attest to the fact that the events the Center hosts are convenient for all liberal arts students to interact and meet with other liberal arts students and staff members to network and help each other out.It may be difficult for students to find the time to participate in all the events the center hosts.

But “my advice would be for students to find one day each month of their choosing, to pick an event they want to attend so that they can make the most out of the center,” said Zachary Cutter another Journalism/ Communication Arts major.