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How Will the New Omicron Variant Affect You?

| NECC Observer

Welcome back signs can be found all around campus.

The novel coronavirus has brought many ups and downs this year, keeping the entire world on its toes as it rained havoc all throughout the globe. This past month we have seen cases on the rise. Why is this? 

This is because of the new strand of COVID-19. COVID came back for yet another round. In this article, we take a peek into how the students of NECC feel about this. 

“I think it’s pretty stupid at this point, all this variant is, is making it much easier to spread. It’s not any more deadly than before. I feel as if we’ve overreacted for the most part. We will have the vaccine mandate and things should be fine.” said a student. “I’ve already had covid and I’m fine. So I will be returning to campus next semester. I don’t believe we will go back into lockdown, but there’s a good chance it will happen anyways during the new year.” He added. 

Another student, Jacob Robles, shares a more cautious approach. 

“To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Hopefully the masks will be lifted and it will be normal. I will be returning to campus again next semester, but will be continuing to wear a mask or maybe double up on it. I think if the cases get higher we may have to go back into lockdown.” 

With this new Omicron Variant it is almost a guaranteed extra history assignment in the future. However, NECC has been taking the proper precautions to keep everyone safe. Including vaccine mandates, allowing students on campus if they are fully vaccinated, wearing masks indoors, and providing masks in every building for those who don’t have any.  

With the work of students and staff following the proper restrictions, NECC is a safe place to be this semester. Yet we still don’t know much about this virus, we know one thing for sure: we won’t stop living and enjoying our time in college because of it.