Mobile Market fights food insecurity

People look at the food available at the Mobile Market on the Haverhill campus
NECC community members explore the free food options at the Mobile Market on the Haverhill campus on Sept. 27. Sarah Peirson, Correspondent

Food insecurity within community college systems has increased leaving roughly half of school populations to struggle with maintaining food presence in their homes, according to Rutgers Graduate School of Education.

Northern Essex Community College provides a program under the name “Mobile Market,” which is a farmers market for students, staff and faculty who are in need of healthier food options.

The group members of this committee meet once a month to provide some relief to people who are struggling with food insecurity.

Students and staff are able to access the exact date and times of the market by going to the NECC homepage, click events and scroll through the month they are looking for to find the Mobile Market’tab.


Once you click on the tab there is a summary with all of the information you might need.

Natalie Wooldridge is a community resource assistant at Northern Essex CommunityCollege and also manages the food pantry.

She has participated in the ‘Mobile Market’ program for just over a year, and urges awareness of this program that happens once a month at the Student Center on the Haverhill campus and the Dimitry building on the Lawrence campus.

“We hope to limit food insecurities within community college systems starting here at NECC. It is not a well known topic amongst college students so with this we hope people feel supported,” Wooldridge states.

Wooldrige and her colleagues wish for more awareness of the program and hope more people in need utilize this resource.

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, the program set up tables and signs outside of the Student Center.
Fruits and vegetables of a wide variety were laid out for students and staff to grab in a shopping bag provided by the Mobile Market. You are required to register either online prior to the event or in person.

Once you are registered you are eligible to grab whatever it is you might need for free.

Savanna Masters, a student here at Northern Essex for over a year states that she had not heard of this program before.

“I feel like more should be done by everyone to eliminate food insecurity,” she said. “It is inspiring to learn that NECC has joined in on trying to provide for those in need.”

In hopes to help the program, Masters suggests how different students and staff members could present meal plan ideas for the month or for holidays.

“This would add a wide variety of meals that are in a cost effective and healthy manne,” Masters said.

If you or a loved one who attends Northern Essex Community College are in need of food support, this program is here to support you and your needs.

Register today on the NECC homepage website to ensure your food supply for next month.

Upcoming Mobile Markets:

Tuesday, Oct. 25
Tuesday, Nov. 22
Tuesday, Dec. 6

Locations and Times
Haverhill: Behrakis Student Center, Noon to 1 p.m.
Lawrence: Dimitry “L” Building, 1 to 2 p.m.

Registration is required once a semester for the Mobile Market.
Registration is limited to NECC students, faculty, and staff.

To register, visit: