My last semester at NECC and future plans

Hello everyone my name is Jose Rodriguez, i am currently the Editor-in-Chief and the Sports Editor here in the college.

This is also my last semester, as my time at NECC is coming to an end in a few month.

I want to say that I had so many great memories in this short period of time.

Meeting new people, new friends and also this is a safe environment for everyone.

All of the teachers want you to do great in your school work.

If you need help or you are stuck with something don’t be afraid to ask.

Also we have tutoring services and all different kinds of sources in the college to help you succeed in life.

When I had English Comp 1 and 2, I usually go to the writing center and they were helpful and gracious enough to help me creating a outline or a rough draft.

I only had to take one math course during my time in NECC and it was Quantative Reasoning. The math tutors were there to help me to build on my math skills.

If it wasn’t for those tutors I still don’t know if I would’ve pass that course. Math is my weak subject but some how I manage to pull it off and pass with a C+.

In the spring semester of 2022 I took six classes and also I took a winter intersection course and I still managed to pass all of my credits and have a GPA over 3.0.

Currently I have a 3.4 GPA and on top of that I cover sports for Northern Essex, interviewing players and athletes before and after each game and writing a story about the game.

Sports is my passion, I eat, sleep, breath sports, we can be here all day. That’s why I chose my major Journalism and Communication with a concentration in Journalism.

In the spring of 2023 I will be heading to Salem State University to continue on with my education carrer and earn a bachelor degree.

I am still planing to get involved with the student newspaper to become a sports editor for the Salem State Log and they also have a radio station.

My plan is to have an intense interview with athletes and coaches on the radio, also to have my own opinion about the sports that are coming  and the games that recently passed.

My goal is to have a master degree in Journalism before I become a professional play by play baseball announcer and a sports talk show host.

I feel with the skills that I have developed at NECC and also being the PA announcer during home games for basketball and baseball and the skills that I am going to have at Salem State I am going to be prepared and I feel really blessed.