Registration now open for winter, spring and summer

Starting Nov. 7, students attending Northern Essex Community College can now register for classes in the winter, spring, and summer.

“I feel confident. I’m excited to try new classes and explore what’s out there,” says Observer News Editor Aibhne Martino, a student at NECC.

Now that there are less than six weeks left in the fall semester, students and professors can expect to be busy during this time.
Not only are they getting through their workload, but they are also preparing themselves for next year and making their schedules.

The final exams are right around the corner too.

Despite everything that is happening, it is important for students to register as soon as possible.

“It’s important for students to have a plan as to what courses they want to take next. The fall is coming to an end, more quickly than people realize,” says Sarah Regan-Kelley, coordinator of the Liberal Arts Center.

Students are encouraged to meet with an adviser, or they can visit the academic center assigned to their program.
The Liberal Arts Center is a wonderful place for students to sign up for their classes and ask questions as well.