Knights win both games of NECC TD Bank Turkey Classic

On Sunday, Nov. 27, NECC Knights defeated Suffolk County Community College 82 to 64 on the second day of the NECC TD Bank Turkey Classic.

Before the game I asked NECC Basketball head coach, coach Darren Stratton if there is a little bit of pressure that the only loss the Knights have this season is against this Suffolk team?

“ I enjoy pressure,” he said. “I look at pressure as a different way that normal coaches will. I think pressure is when you can’t afford food on your table for your family or something, pressure in a basketball game is an opportunity. I think pressure is a good thing I think if you are focused and keep working in every aspect of the game I don’t think there is any pressure on you unless if you trust on your talent and you ability to perform.”

The Knights begin the game on a 14-4 run against Suffolk.

Suffolk answered back going on a 9-3 run.

The game was 17 to 13 in favor of the Knights.

Kevin Monteiro scored a two pointer to make this 19 to 13.

Joshua Fenner of Huntington, New York scored the next two three pointers for Suffolk to tie the game at 19.

“Yeah, we (are) still working on consistency. Like today it was a little different, we are out with two key players, we’re out with Ryan Pacy this whole weekend. Then we were out with Philip (Cunningham) today that’s another key player. We’re trying to find the right rotation the right guys doing the right things. You know is a challenge for us but you know we talk earlier on (assistant) coach (Nick) Nofi mentioned early that this probably is the deepest team that he been able involved with and the deepest actually shows today in our depth,” Stratton said.

Cristian Kinsley of Lawrence shots a three pointer to put the Knights on top that started a 7-0 run for the Knights.

The Knights was up 26 to 21 when Tre Fite of Massillon, Ohio, knock down a two pointer.

NECC Knights vs Suffolk on Sunday Nov. 27 at Sports and Fitness Center in Haverhill Campus
NECC Knights vs Suffolk on Sunday Nov. 27 at Sports and Fitness Center in Haverhill Campus Photo by Editor-in-Chief/ Sports Editor Jose Rodriguez

Fast forward later on in the first period the Knights deficit was cut to five as the Knights was up 30 to 25.

Metin Yavuz of Istanbul, Turkey banged in a three pointer to increase the Knights lead to eight.

The Knights led Suffolk 41 to 32 after the first period.

After Suffolk scored a three pointer to get things started in the second period Edwin SamMbaka of Paris, France followed with a two pointer.

Joshua Blair of Shirley, New York, knocked down a two pointer to put this game 45 to 37 in favor of the Knights.

Kinsley knocked down a three pointer as the Knights had a 11 point lead over Suffolk.

Mehmet “R2” Asik scored a two pointer and has one chance for a three point play.

Fast Forward during the period the Knights had a 16 point lead, that lead was cut to nine but not before Angel Herrera knocked down a three to make this 58 to 44 ball game.

Fenner knocked down a three to make this a nine run game.

The game was 60 to 49 when SamMbaka made a two pointer and a foul for a chance for a three point play.

SamMbaka missed but the Knights got the rebound. It was foul on Reynoso as Reynoso went in the free throw line.

The Knights were up 67 to 49 when Reynoso stole the ball as he ran to the basket to make it a 20 point game.

Reynoso scored the next three buckets for two pointers by attacking the glass as the Knights were up by 25, the largest lead for the Knight was 26 in this entire game.

At the final six minutes of the game that’s when both teams started to foul each other including three players of Suffolk who got fouled out.

After the game I interviewed Ashton Ventola of Danville, New Hampshire and asked him how important is knowing he is getting minutes in the court something that did not happen because of the guys having the flu. “It’s just about stand  ready is  just about trusting the process, trusting God, trusting in my coaches. they’ve been preparing me for moments like this, whether I get two minutes in the game or five or 10 minutes in the game. I still work my hardest whether it is getting defensive stuff or knocking down shots or running the lane for finishes that’s the type of player I am and that’s the type of player I continue to be to help my team win,” he said.

The Knights defeated Suffolk to sweep the weekend NECC TD Bank Turkey classic.

After the game the Knights recognized Reynoso and Monteiro with “TD Bank Northern Essex Turkey Classic All Tournament Team”

Monteiro told me that he was surprised for his recognition after how he played the past two games but he is grateful for the award.