NECC Cabaret

NECC held its 24th Cabaret on April 5.

The event featured performances by students from the music program at NECC. The event went from 7-9 p.m. and served refreshments as well.

The event was put together by Professor Alisa Bucchiere who has hosted all 24 of the cabarets.
The event featured performances of students singing, playing different instruments, and showing off their musical skills, as well as some original material.

The event was five dollars to attend. About halfway through at 8 p.m. the event took a break for people to get refreshments.
“Cabaret is basically, it has evolved into singer songwriter,” said Bucchiere. “It originally, this is the 24th one I have done not counting COVID. When we shut down all of the performances on campus for a good six or five semesters depending on what the venue was, and that grew out of, I had so many soloists in my choir. They needed another vehicle to perform because they had so much music, which is a fabulous place to be in. Having so many performances ready to go and perform and not enough vehicles to have all these performances happen so that is how Cabaret grew out of. It came into existence I want to say Spring of 2010 is when the very first one happened.”

“Cabaret always tends to be a really awesome time we have a lot of great performers at the college that usually provide a really really wide diverse range of musical styles so it is always really cool to see what people are, you know going to do, what instrument they are playing what kind of song they are doing usually everyone brings the best they have to offer.”said Troy LaBranche a student in the music program.

“We have a very diverse set of talent here and it is great to see how different musicians interpret different songs and like what they are choosing to put out there and how they all come together, like perform together in different groups,” said Sara, a student in the music program.

Cabaret now “has people bringing their own work sharing it and what I really love is having the story behind why they wrote the song what was the inspiration behind, because you don’t get that sometimes with recorded music or music you are listening to unless you are diving deep in a instagram page of them being interviewed about their music,” said Bucchiere.

“To have that eureka moment brought to you before you hear the piece, it is goosebump city. I love that part,” said Bucchiere