Competitive gaming gains in popularity

Many people see playing video games as simply something to pass the time, however for many others it is a source of entertainment, yet for a select few it is even a career and is just as intense as football. All around the world tournaments are hosted by high paying marketers as people battle in what is known as Esports!

Issael Reynoso, a streamer since 2018 talks about his time playing in the atmosphere.

“There are many different types of gaming, as a streamer you have to know what types of games are in and what games to be good at, you want to make sure that you are catching the attention of the right people in order to get a sponsor in an intense tournament. It is not easy because you are going up against people who do this for a living and who have more experience than you. It can be difficult at times and overwhelming because of how intense the atmosphere can get.”

Leafy_Senpai who wishes not to disclose his real name, assures us that competitive gaming is still on the rise.

“ I remember when I would stream hundreds of sponsors would be pouring in, when I would stream and go to the tournaments the atmosphere there was incredible. You had all types of different people with one thing in common, the goal to win the  game and be the best. Often times there were prizes for those who came out on top. I remember winning one time and actually earned 1,700 dollars in one tournament. The tournaments took up to 4 hours at times and you would be in the zone just going at it against players who also knew the tricks of the games. You never knew who you were going up against and never knew what they had up their sleeve, the games were all just to see who was the better gamer. It was really fun although everyone there was trying to constantly outdo the person next to them. Even today I still see sponsors looking for suitable candidates to help improve and advertise for their games, many tournaments and the companies that sponsor them have grown so much from when I would go to them. More and more people are competing everyday in video games.”

With competitive gaming on the rise many more people are continuously pouring in from all parts of the world. Whether it is to watch their favorite streamers compete or to join in on the intensity of the tournaments. Esports has engulfed the world in such a way that it not only brings people together but also has made an environment where people can actually profit off of their talents. Helping people make full time careers and friendships along the way!