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NECC offers online classes for cannabis careers

For students looking to further a career in the cannabis industry, Northern Essex  Community College is here to help. NECC is now offering 3 different courses relating to a career in the cannabis industry. These classes include Cannabis Cultivation Specialist Certificate,  Cannabis Retail Specialist Certificate, and Cannabis Extraction and Product Development Specialist Certificate, according to the NECC website. These classes are offered fully online and cost $800 each with payment plans available. 

Each class includes instant access to the online program, expert instructors and top industry leaders, and access to the GF Institute Employer Network. Students will also earn a digital credential that can be published and advanced rankings for relevant job openings. 

Each class also includes engaging video lectures, informative readings, and interactive activities, all designed to enhance knowledge on the cannabis cultivation, retail, and extraction and product development industry. 

“I think NECC offering classes like this is such a good idea,” said Haverhill resident and Political Science major Julia Rodgers. “There’s so much stuff to learn about as well. I would love to learn about the industry.”

The cannabis industry is one that is growing at a high rate, with NECC becoming one of the only schools in the area to take advantage of it. 

According to the NECC website there is now more legal cannabis workers than insurance sales agents, and 3 times as many cannabis workers than dentists in the United States, creating a higher need for schools like NECC to investin this booming industry. 

The 2023 Vangst Cannabis Industry Salary Guide shows that students who invest in this program could end up making up to $150,000 a year, proving that the cannabis industry is a wildly growing investment. 

Many students and educators expressed their support for the program, explaining that they believed it was a cool and interesting idea, including NECC student Josh Pasciuto and 

“I think business wise, it’s a really good idea to get invested,” said Pasciuto. “It’s a  business where you could actually make a lot of money.” 

“How else are people supposed to learn about a career in the cannabis industry,” added Haverhill resident Hannah Kiernan. 

“It’s such a smart idea,” she said. 

Many students also agreed that cannabis education is cannabis safety and showed their support for the program that way. 

Haverhill resident and student Jordyn Kilroy expressed her agreement for cannabis education. 

“I think education on the topic is important. The use of cannabis is becoming so normalized now-a-days, you don’t realize that you can become consumed by it,” she said. 

NECC offers the classes fully online, and they can be completed at your own pace. More information on the programs offered on the NECC website.