Jammin’ at Spring Jam

Students play music in the quad on the Haverhill campus.
Students play music as part of Spring Jam on the Haverhill campus April 17. Photo by Matthew Scharn

On Wednesday April 17th, Northern Essex held its annual Spring Jam for students and faculty, with many activities and different events taking place on campus.  

There was food, free giveaways, games, but most important for a lot of people, music. 

 If you were anywhere on the Haverhill Campus April 17th from 11 through 1, you were most definitely graced with the great tunes and spectacular voices that took over the quad.

Most of those that performed the live music are music students of Alisa Bucchiere, the head of the music department here at Northern Essex.  

From original music to covers of songs, this event gave these students a chance to perform in front of people that they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do so for, giving them more of an experience with a live audience.  

A few of the students who performed at the event, Alex Ravi and Kadie Albrecht, were excited with the opportunity to showcase their talents and Jam out on campus.

When asked what his favorite part of performing in Spring Jam was, Ravi said “Just helping set up and being able to be in such a nice school and give the people a show.”  

Ravi performed the song Me, Myself & I by G-Eazy & Bebe Rexha alongside fellow music student Cierra Townshend as well as performing an original rap song entitled Clock In.

When asked the same question, Albrecht responded “These songs are songs we work in in PW class (Performance Workshop) and it’s great because we kind of get to fine tune in class as a workshop and then we get to perform it live.  We perform in front of each other every week but now we get to perform in front of people we’re not comfortable with, so it’s challenging but really fun!”  

Albrecht performed the song “I’m A Believer” with a group of people including Jackson Bonfiglioli, Cheryl Lopez, Sara Curtin, Jay Silva and Jacob McLean as well as singing multiple duets with people such as “Smoking Out The Window” and “Take Me or Leave Me” (both with Angely Gabriel), All I Wanted (With Jacob McLean) & Seventeen (With Sara Curtin).

With events like these on campus, we truly let music live on and impact so many people’s lives on a day to day basis. Anything music related linked with NECC can be found under the #NECCMusicThrives on social media,