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Hurricane Diane draws a crowd

Poster for play Hurricane Diane with photo of actresses and white text saying Hurricane Diane
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NECC theater recently presented the play Hurricane Diane.

If Mother Nature had not had a different agenda, the NECC theater program would’ve had their spring play outside, but instead, on a gloomy Sunday the location changed and Hurricane Diane was brought inside to the theater in the Spurk building. However, that did not discourage the crowd from coming out, all seats were filled in the intimate setting.

The story of Hurricane Diane, written by Madeleine George, follows the story of Greek god Dionysus, who returns to the modern world as a female gardener. Her reasoning for returning to the modern world? To gather  followers and restore Earth to its natural state. With her charm and personality, will Diane successfully win over suburban New Jersey housewives?

The charming Diane was played by Mirrorajah Metcalfe, who was a natural on stage and by the end won the audience over. With her charisma and whit, she gave an unbelievable performance. Housewives Carol, Beth, Reene, and Pam were played by the following: Madison Monahan, Jessica Newey, Olivia Barberian, and Ana Barrera. All these lovely actresses had the audiences captivated by their performances, each playing their roles to perfection. The play was directed by Theater Professor Brianne Beatrice.

Filled with humor and modern-day adaptations Hurricane Diane never had a dull scene. These five actresses truly put their all into the performance and left everything out there on the stage. Despite venue changes last minute, from beginning to end these professional performers delivered a captivating spring play.

Speaker highlights tech in the cannabis industry

Self-made entrepreneur Adam Pineau is one of the proud co-owners of Stem Haverhill.

He visited NECC on Oct. 19 and spoke in TC103 about technology in his industry as part of STEM week activities at the college.
Pineau alongside wife Caroline started Stem Haverhill two years ago and since then have had tremendous success.
Pineau graduated Northeastern with a degree in engineering and was able to shed light onto how technology and the cannabis industry coincide with one another.
Technology is always evolving and Pineau went into depth about how Stem Haverhill uses technology to help his company, as well as, how there is a high demand for STEM workers in the cannabis industry.
Stem uses technology throughout the whole company, which helps attribute to the success that Pineau has had over the years.
While it may not seem like the most innovative thing, the use of modern technology like data storage has proven to be a huge game changer in how Stem and other companies are able to keep track of inventory, as well as see current trends that are occurring in their company.
With modern technology companies can see what products preform well as opposed to others and can stock inventory accordingly.
It seems like such a simple concept, yet one that has proven successful and helpful to Stem and other companies.
With the growing cannabis industry, there is a constant need to find the most innovative and quickest way to cultivate and harvest crops.
The process from seed to store is a diligent one, Pineau goes into depth about the lengthy process, which is where the need for STEM workers comes into play. Some of current trends in cannabis technology is crop steering, vertical farming, and genetic engineering.These are just a few of the current trends that the cannabis industry is seeing, over the next few years genomic sequencing and cannabinoid biosynthesis are just a few of the technologies that are on the rise for this industry.

Pineau knows that there is a specific narrative that surrounds the industry; “…we want to encourage education and opportunity… get rid of the misconception around cannabis,” he said.

There is always a high demand for STEM careers and the cannabis industry is no exception to that. Northern Essex offers over 12 STEM programs that range from computer science to engineering science. To learn more about the STEM programs that Northern Essex offers, visit