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Gaming: The other side of the spectrum

Although gaming is for everyone, there are often difficulties that are faced in the games themselves as well as the different perspectives that other people have. It is well...
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Competitive gaming gains in popularity

Many people see playing video games as simply something to pass the time, however for many others it is a source of entertainment, yet for a select few it is even a career and is...
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Gaming is its own therapy

Gaming has become a way people can unwind after a long day’s work. According to the students of NECC campus, and even people who are district managers in our everyday...
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Gaming and how it connects

Gaming is a common hobby in which many people enjoy to have as a pastime. However gaming can be done wherever you are and whoever you are with. Gaming has opened up a world where...
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How Will the New Omicron Variant Affect You?

The novel coronavirus has brought many ups and downs this year, keeping the entire world on its toes as it rained havoc all throughout the globe. This past month we have seen...
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How is COVID-19 affecting your college experience?

Covid-19 has plagued the world. And it may even feel as if you’re the only one experiencing troubles, whether it’s in the classroom, on campus, or in your everyday...
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