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Sam DeAmorim named NJCAA Men’s Player of the Week

On  Sunday Nov. 27, the Knights soccer team got together to play futsal. Futsal is a soccer game that you played indoor rather then outdoor and the court is smaller.

It was the first time that the whole soccer team reunited since their season ended last month in the quarterfinals. I had a chance to interview Sam De Amorim who won NJCAA Men’s Soccer Player of the Week the week from Oct. 17 through the 23.

According to De Amorim had 11 shots, eight of them were shot on goals, five goals and one assist.

I asked him if that did not surprise him winning the award after a phenomenal week that he had.

Sam De Amorim was named Player of the Week from Oct. 17 thru Oct. 23 Photo courtesy by

Sam De Amorim was named Player of the Week from Oct. 17 thru Oct. 23

“It did I am not going to lie,” De Amorim said. “Even though I know that I played really good that week. We have a really good players in the whole conference and everything so me winning player of the week was pretty not surprising but it was remarkable for me. I was really happy for that,” he said.

I asked him what does he have to do for next year to build on that success so he can succeed in this sport?

“I am going to still be practicing a lot, I’m putting in the work in the off season right now and hopefully I can double the amount of goals that I had for this season so hopefully I get another All-Region next year and Player of the Week too,” he said.

I asked him how he feels about winning this achievement so other colleges and universities can check on his resume ?

“I feel honored to be honest,” he said. “I put in a lot of work in the season to get that so that help me a lot and I am really honored because of that,” he said.

He told me that NECC Soccer head coach, Coach Eusebio Marote told him about the news that he won player of the week via text.

All of his friends and family were happy for him and were  proud of him for winning this achievement.