Panel highlights mental health

A group of people sit in audience while speakers speak on stage.
A crowd turned out in the Spurk lecture hall on Dec. 1 for a panel discussion, “Personal Stories on Mental Health Struggles, Recovery and Advocacy.” Panelists shared their stories. Sarah Peirson, Correspondent

On Dec. 1 students and staff members of Northern Essex Community College were invited to a mental health panel located in the Spurk building.

Everyone was greeted with refreshments before taking a seat in lecture hall A for the event that was from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Raffle tickets were given out to help encourage people to stay the duration of the event.

Associate Professor and Psychology Program Coordinator Krista Titone was the organizer of this event and announced at the beginning of the speeches, “We want to help reduce the stigma surrounding psychological disorders.”
Four guest volunteers, were Pamela Gaudreau, Michelle Howard, Melissa Richardson and Jason Martin, shared their stories. They sat at the front of the room and one by one each person shared their personal connection with psychological disorders.


Bipolar Depression, Anorexia, Alcoholism and ADHD were discussed during the event. Pictures and self produced music were shared during two of the speeches.

Michelle Howard who was accompanied by her sister who suffered for 39 years with anorexia, shared awareness of her book “The Thin Woman” and shared some of the excerpts from the text.

Guests sitting in the audience were allowed to ask questions about treatment and careers.

If you are interested in going into a career in the psychology field or are in need of support through personal psychological problems, Northern Essex Community College is here to support you. Check the calendar on the Northern Essex homepage for further information about similar upcoming events.
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