Moving on to my next journey

 I am so sad that my duties as the Sports Editor and Editor-In-Chief will come to an end after the  end of the semester. This is my last issue of the Observer as a staff member.

I have a lot of people to thank. First of all, I would like to thank all of my teachers that I have currently and in the past who helped me succeed in this community college, which will help me in the real world when I go to a four year school.

I would like to thank the tutors that helped me on my essays for English Comp 1 and 2 and other course that is related to writing, for example my American Literature class that I took over the summer.

I want to thank the Athletic Director Dan Blair for making me the PA announcer for home basketball games, to have some practice. It is a good learning experience for me for the future to get better and better for the real world and it is good to put in my resume.

Thank you Mary Jo for giving me an opportunity to be on staff when I joined the Observer in mid October of 2021 as the sports editor and a semester later I took over double duties also as Editor-in-Chief.

As a Sports Editor, I take this very seriously. Every game I can possibly can I will go to too cover the teams This was a fun experience that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed doing pre game interviews before the games to have sense of what the game is going to be about, so nothing will catch me by surprise in the game. I have also enjoyed writing what is happening during the games and doing post game interviews with head coaches and athletes. Also just preparing my self before the game, I don’t just look at the Knights stats, I also I look at their opponents ,their record and which players from the other team might give us a hard time and what the head coach is going to do to avoid that specific player.

Because of this Eagle Tribune assistant sports editor Hector Longo, gave me an opportunity to be a freelancer correspondent for the Eagle Tribune. free lancer as a corresponded for I covered high school football games during the month of October and early November. He told me he will reach out to me for high school basketball and hockey games and I don’t think any of this would’ve been possible if I was not part of the Observer.

This has been really fun. I wouldn’t trade this for anything in this world. I feel I am already a journalist even though I am just a student who is climbing up the ladder trying to be a sports journalist.

My ultimate goal dream job is to be a play by play baseball announcer and a sports talk show host on the radio.

I will miss NECC so much. This is my home. This is not a good bye, this is I will see you guys soon, take care.