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Gaming and how it connects

Gaming is a common hobby in which many people enjoy to have as a pastime.

However gaming can be done wherever you are and whoever you are with.

Gaming has opened up a world where we are all connected and can create bonds that normally would not be able to work in modern times.

In an interview with fellow student, Jacob Robles he talks about the ways in which gaming does not only strengthen the friendships he already had but how it also helps him get through tough times.

“I feel like gaming helps bring you into a social environment with other people, and even though they may be strangers you have something in common with them.” explains Robles, “ When talking in the game chat you have to use the social skills you use everyday in order for all of you to complete the common goal of completing the game mission. It really creates an environment in which you can just laugh and let go in an environment that is safe to do so.”

Robles also shares some of his favorite things about gaming that he feels helps strengthen the bond he has with his friends.

“During winter break I recall me and my friends hopping on the game after not seeing each other in a bit of time. Although we were playfully fighting through most of the game, I feel like it made our friendship bond a lot stronger.”

Robles also continues on to say how when he is in the game it feels as if they are all together. “When gaming with my friends it feels like even though we are apart, we are always together no matter what we can laugh and joke around like old times.”

In a separate interview with Ryan DelleChiaie he also talks about how gaming has impacted him socially.

According to DelleChiaie “I have met some great people over the years from just playing video games.” he says “When I game with my friends I remember playing Garden Warfare in 2016 and I remember camping on the ledges sniping people. It was always funny hearing people talk about it on the mic, especially when they were getting competitive.”
DelleChiaie also says “gaming usually makes me feel really good about myself especially if it is a good game, other times when I play alone it can be pretty boring.”

In my last interview with fellow student John Quigley he explains all the ways in which gaming has helped him not only grow his friendship circle but also how it has helped him come out of his shell more.

Quigley claims that “through gaming I have met many new friends who I can just be myself with and just laugh and have a good time. We can always bond over stuff like memes and just poking fun at each other. I enjoy shooting the targets and fighting about who is better at the game.”

Quigley then goes on to say “I always feel good when me and my friends hop on the game, when I have a bad day I can always get a good laugh out of the game when my friends are on. I feel as though it helps me unwind as well after a stressful day.”

Gaming not only keeps us connected in a world where there is so much difference, it helps create everlasting bonds and keeps a smile on everyone’s faces.

It not only brings people who play the same game into the same space and makes people feel welcome, it truly does unite the world in ways you could never imagine.