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2023 PACE awards

Students standing in a row with awards from PACE program.Photo courtesy of Campus Life Editor Daniela Valdivia-Terres

PACE students show off their awards. Front left to right: Anthony Severino, Joanne Callahan, Daniela Valdivia-Terres, Rosa Araceno, and Maria Cubias

It is the end of the spring 2023 semester, and it is time to celebrate students for their hard work and determination with the PACE awards. The amazing staff at PACE had a hard job of determining which awards students would receive. PACE staff member Jessica Rocker came up with the idea to award students for their academic and personal achievements. Students appreciate that their hard work gets the spotlight with PACE staff and their peers. “It’s nice to get together and honor the students that have worked so hard all year.” said PACE staff member Sheila Corsaro “Our students are the best.”

The ceremony on April 25 started off with a dinner. Students were allowed to bring a guest to share in the celebration. The event provided a dinner consisting of pasta, meatballs, vegetarian pasta, salad, bread, rolls, cookies, and cakes for everyone to enjoy.

After dinner was the awards ceremony. The students and their guests were able to share in each other’s accomplishments and successes that the staff at PACE wanted to highlight. Guests looked on with pride as each student went up to receive their award.

Once the awards were handed out, former NECC students were kind enough to take the time and join the Alumni Success Guest Panel. Jeurys Santiago, Sandra Melendez, and Stuart Farnham shared with students their college experiences and what life has been like since receiving their degree. They spoke about things such as being persistent in applying for scholarships to pay for school as well as how to balance college while working a job. Students were able to ask questions that they thought would be valuable to their own college journey and beyond, and the alum were happy to answer with well thought out responses and advice.

Alumni panel members sit at a table.Photo by Campus Life Editor Daniela Valdivia-Terres

NECC alumni Stuart Farnham, Sandra Melendez, and Jeurys Santiago share experiences and answer students’ questions.

PACE staff members find that the alum provide valuable advice and encouragement for students who might not be sure of the direction they want to go after receiving their degree.

Seeing the success former NECC students have had is very inspiring. “

My favorite part of the event is the alumni panel because, to me, it’s very inspiring to see where students go and what they do after they get their start at Northern Essex,” said PACE staff member Kristin Arnold.
PACE staff member Christine Carbone agrees. “The Awards Night Alumni Success Panel is a wonderful culmination of the year, bringing together current and past PACE participants. PACE alumni offer up their invaluable words of wisdom to current PACE students who also receive awards for the efforts they have shown through the year. The evening is very uplifting and inspiring for all.”

Arnold, Carbone, Rocker and Corsaro put together a successful event that will leave students with fond memories for years to come. Students appreciate the dedication the PACE staff puts in to make sure that every student has all the resources they need to have a great college experience as well as the tools to be successful when they leave NECC.
PACE Outstanding New Participant Award: This award applauds those new participants who have been an especially important addition to the program, embracing all TRiO has to offer. The recipients are Le Xuyen Chi Bui, Emma Ruggiero, and Le Tran.

PACE Perseverance Award: This award celebrates those participants who have demonstrated significant determination in the face of personal or academic obstacles to attain their Academic goals. The recipients are Maria Cubias, Erin Magner, Karen Stokes, Kendall Tobin, and Darlyn Vasquez.

PACE Academic Achievement Award. This award recognizes the academic success of participants who have successfully earned and maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.0. The recipients are Angel Calcano, Jennifer Clayton, Maria Cubias, Alliyah, Claribel Minaya, Tanya Nozier, Andrew Parent, Kanthi Patel, Mathew Quill, Pedro Rodriguez, and Jessica Wright.

PACE Most Involved Participant Award: This award is based on exemplary PACE participation and involvement during the academic year. The recipients are Joanne Callahan and Emma Ruggiero

PACE Student of the Year: This award is based on exemplary PACE program participation, academic achievement, and community involvement. The award went to Skylar Underwood.

PACE Most Inspirational TRIO Student: This award recognizes TRIO student(s) who have supported and inspired other TRIO students to reach their potential.  The recipients are Joshua Buffman, Kyara Cruz Santos, Rosa Melvin-Conn, George Tournas, and Nicole Vangelist.

PACE Learning Scholar: This award recognizes a student who demonstrated growth and change in enhancing their learning strategies during the course of this semester. This person exemplifies a growth mindset and exhibits characteristics of a lifelong learner. The recipients are Joanne Callahan, Rebecca Charabaty, Daniel Holt, Megan Lesiczka, Anthony Severino, and Victor Van.

PACE Futuristic Award: This award goes to students who have put a lot of time and effort into ensuring after they leave NECC they will continue to grow as an individual either in their academic and/or professional careers. The recipients are Rosa Aracena, Jordanna Cepeda, Logan Hicks, Shaun Hood, Pascale Percy, Raquel Quezada, and Jureicy Sanchez De Jimenez.

PACE Partnership for Equity Award:This award recognizes non-TRiO staff or faculty who have served as an integral component to the success of the TRiO program. The recipient is Janel D’Agata -Lynch.

PACE Citizenship Award: This award applauds those participants who model the virtues and qualities of a student leader and promotes the success of other students and TRiO. The recipients are Sarah Pachano, Lisa Rivera, Yomerly Rodriguez, Daniela Valdivia-Terres, and Kimberly Zappala.